Esthetic Dentistry

In Den Arté we combine perfection with natural smile. This concept balances out real beauty and individual patient?s needs. We begin with listening to patient?s expectations and discussing treatment plan and cost. Then we proceed to make photo documentation, diagnostic models, smile analysis. We end up with simulation and visualization of the final appearance of the appliances.

We offer:

  • full ceramic crowns and veneers
  • non-prep veneers
  • full ceramic fillings (inlay, onlay, overlay)
  • correction of gum line (eliminating gum smile)
  • teeth whitening

Veneers are a great method of improving smile esthetics. If they are professionally fitted over you are guaranteed with durability and efficiency. Thanks to veneers we can cover a lot of imperfections and we specialize in the procedures:

  • covering discolorations
  • eliminating gaps between teeth
  • aligning the length of teeth, especially in case of front incisors
  • changing the shape of teeth

Veneers are thin chips of porcelain (usually from 0,5 to 0,7 mm thick) and they are cemented on front surface of teeth. They are extremely durable and resistant to discolorations, they are translucent and shiny and they reflect the light which makes them imitate natural enamel. Before smile metamorphosis a dentist plans precisely treatment together with a dental technician.