Teeth Whitening

Whitening with Zoom WhiteSpeed Lamp is the fourth generation of in-office whitening system and was introduced by Philips Oral Healthcare ? the worldwide leader in the field of esthetic dentistry. Thanks to application of the latest technology WhiteSpeed Lamp is the best-available  solution of teeth whitening  . Zoom System is the safest and the most sufficient way of teeth whitening in the market.

We perform:

  • teeth whitening with Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed Lamp
  • in-office whitening without light usage (application of gels of high concentration)
  • teeth whitening with trays (home application)
  • intra-tooth whitening od dead teeth

In order to lengthen and perpetuate the effects of whitening:

  • you mustn?t drink tea or coffee within 2 hours
  • you should drink a lot of mineral water
  • within 48 hours you should avoid food and drinks containing colorants (such as red wine, coke, coffee, tea, beetroot)
  • you should avoid hot and cold food and drinks