Dental physiotherapy

Dental physiotherapy is used in treatment of disorders and pains in the area of TMJ, skull and neck spine. It lies in normalization of tension in soft tissues, elimination of ensuing parafunctions and restoration of appropriate and physiological mobility in the area of stomatognathic  system.

The symptoms of TMJ dysfunction:

  • intensified  muscle tension in the area of stomatognathic  system
  • bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • clicking and leaping in TMJ
  • inappropriate mobility of lower jaw (deflection of the lower jaw, limited or extended opening of mouth)
  • tension headache
  • pain of face, head and neck
  • earache with accompanying ear noise
  • pain while biting, chewing, yawning

A complex therapy focuses on treatment of ailments not only on the symptoms. In the process of TMJ treatment many procedures are used including manual therapy, physiotherapy and osteopathy:

  • mobilization of soft tissues outside and inside of the mouth
  •  techniques of muscle-fascia relaxation in the area of face, neck and shoulder girdle
  • mobilizing/manipulating  osteopathic techniques performed on TMJ, neck and chest spine
  • traction of TMJ