Our Clinic

Den Arté is a modern dental clinic in Tri-City which specializes in complex and professional dental treatment. Since 2010 it has been providing dental care to adult and younger patients in comfortable, stress-free and friendly atmosphere. It was created  to meet the needs of patients  seeking modern and painless solutions  in dental  treatment.  The clinic accmplishes these purposes following the world trends.

The team of experienced experts guarantees  services of the highest quality based on the latest technologies and treatment methods ranging from prophylaxis, conservative dentistry, root-canal treatment under microscope, endodontic microsurgery to orthodontics, prosthetics on implants and advanced esthetic dentistry (soft veneers).

The clinic is fitted with up-to-date equipment intended for diagnostics and dental treatment. Modern X-ray unit is equipped with digital appliances and provides safety during the examination. Additionally there is also  a CT scanner and  a pantomograph which is very convenient for a patient since complex diagnostics  can be carried out in one place and during one day.

Our Interiors

The idea of setting up Den Arté  Dental Clinic  in Sopot was creation of a unique place completely different from any other dental clinics existing nowadays.
Art that touches senses is the leitmotif of our clinic. As it is reflected in the décor of our interior we dare to say that it resembles an air of an art gallery. Minimalism and simplicity of form, spaciousness and a lot of sunlight top the décor up and create very original and intimate atmosphere. That is why an appointment in Den Arté is not only pleasure, but  it also truly gives the sensation of art  to patients.

Our team consists of top class specialists with long standing experience and remarkable achievements. The doctors  have passion for esthetic dentistry, endodontics, surgery and many other dental fields and they take care of providing patients with services of best quality. The doctors guarantee high quality treatment according to worldwide standards  and thanks to extensive experience gained in dental offices in Poland and abroad, and supported by numerous courses and diplomas.