Decay Prophylaxis

Professional dental cleaning is a frequent procedure in our clinic. Thanks to systematic removing of tartar deposits we enable patients to keep healthy periodontium which results in preserving own teeth for many years. Professional dental cleaning is not only a  technical procedure of cleaning but it is also making patient aware about the threat coming from insufficient dental care and about how important it is to keep health of oral cavity and the whole organism. Modern prophylaxis gives chance to live up to the elderly years with beautiful and well-maintained  own teeth.

The full professional dental cleaning procedure in our clinic consists of:

  • scaling (removing tartar from supragingival and subgingival area)
  • sand-blasting of the sediment
  • polishing teeth surface
  • flossing interdental area
  • fluoride application (protecting teeth against oversensitivity after the cleaning procedure)
  • guidance of oral hygiene and methods of brushing