Endodontics under microscope

If a dental examination shows that the tooth requires endodontic treatment it means that bacteria of decay entered the tooth root. They ate through enamel, dentin and got into the pulp which is supplied with nerves and blood and is connected with the bloodstream of the whole organism. This situation is very dangerous for the tooth (you can lose it) and it has a bad influence on joints, heart, kidneys and other organs therefore it demands an immediate treatment.

Endodontic treatment carried out on one appointment is a procedure which can be done by an experienced dentist who  does such procedures routinely. Only dentists having long standing experience can acquire precision and manual skills enabling them to perform this procedure on one appointment. It is the most effective and efficient method of retaining  own tooth.

We perform:

  • root canal treatment under microscope on one appointment
  • decongesting canals with mechanical instruments
  • illing canals with warm gutta-percha
  • procedures in rubber-dam and  with an endometer
  • removing broken tools from  canals