Implantation is the most modern method of missing tooth replacement. An implant is a new root which our organism treats as its own bone and it sets with an implant the same securely as broken parts of the bone do. A loss of any tooth causes imbalance in your oral cavity. A destructive gap starts a process of irreversible consequences which result from neglecting the replacement of missing teeth.

The consequences are:

  • teeth shifting towards the gap
  • disorder of smile symmetry
  • bone loss
  • TMJ problems

Dental implants:

  • provide a strong and stable base for crowns which look, feel and function as real teeth
  • help keep healthy condition of neighboring teeth because we don?t have to use a clasp and drill down surrounding teeth for bridge abutments
  • stimulate bone tissue and gums which influences attractive and esthetic appearance for a long time
  • Implant is a titanium screw which imitates the tooth root
  • it forms a full tooth together with a prosthetic crown and an abutment
  • we perform implantation procedures in case of loss of single teeth, more teeth and all the teeth
  • in difficult cases implantation is preceded by surgical procedures
  • we plan the procedures basing on 3D computer tomography
  • in our clinic we use implants Astra Tech from Dentsplay